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I’m Fa’a, keyboardist & vocalist in the band Cultural Nation, started by me and my better half, John. We are also the lucky (and, uh, stressed) parents of 3 beautiful babies, all under the age of 5. Between late night gigs, working my day job, parenting, and trying to keep a clean home, things get hectic. I know I’m not alone. This is a collection of funny, real, and common thoughts I have about being a ReggaeMama. Subscribe to get my latest blogs sent straight to your inbox.

When I met John, I couldn't cook a Thing

In fact, the first time I made him Ramen noodles, (we were meager, still are) he literally asked what the heck I did to his food. Ramen Noodles. That was the beginning of our relationship 8 long years ago. 

I had always been scared of cooking. I figured, you play with fire, you get burned, badabing badaboom. Made sense since I knew so very little about heat, meat, knives, or anything cooking related. I had just graduated from dorm life, and was in no hurry to learn about real life. For some reason I thought God would just provide me with food, smh, and He did, for years, but along came John, who made me a mother, and then criticized my Ramen.

Needless to say, I soon realized that not cooking is NOT an option in motherhood. I would have to dedicate my time to studying it, put my all into it like I would a class. I didn’t just want to follow recipes, I wanted to be able to create, and understand cooking. I wanted to know what flavors pared with what foods, and which cultures cooked what. So I did. I researched and studied, determined to understand the many different styles of cooking, by culture, around the world. What I found amazed me. Cooking is merely heating and seasoning a food to the perfect texture. That’s all. I was scared for nothing. Now I’m ready to share what I’ve learned to make cooking easier for others too. <3


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