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Have you searched online for worksheets for your children? My son needed extra help getting ready for kindergarten. I assumed there’d be choices, options, that I wouldn’t be required to purchase, that I could download, since these are fairly easy templates to provide. I was shocked to find that many websites that provide worksheets charge

for membership, per sheet, or other things. There were a few free ones, but it took so long to find some great looking ones that I considered making them myself. So I’ve decided to make some for the rest of our struggling moms out there who want better ways to teach our children. Download, share, & subscribe to receive free updates in your inbox.

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I’m Fa’a, keyboardist & vocalist in the band Cultural Nation, started by me and my better half, John. We are also the lucky (and, uh, stressed) parents of 3 beautiful babies, all under the age of 5. Between late night gigs, working my day job, parenting, and trying to keep a clean home, things get hectic. I know I’m not alone. This is a collection of funny, real, and common thoughts I have about being a ReggaeMama. Subscribe to get my latest blogs sent straight to your inbox.

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