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I’m Fa’a, keyboardist & vocalist in the band Cultural Nation, started by me and my better half, John. We are also the lucky (and, uh, stressed) parents of 3 beautiful babies, all under the age of 5. Between late night gigs, working my day job, parenting, and trying to keep a clean home, things get hectic. I know I’m not alone. This is a collection of funny, real, and common thoughts I have about being a ReggaeMama. Subscribe to get my latest blogs sent straight to your inbox.

I’ve been dreaming my whole life of performing live, but never for a second believed it could come true. No matter what your doubts are, or the talents you have yet to acquire, NEVER GIVE UP.  The most amazing feelings in life are right past that wall of fear. Once you’ve surpassed it, you’ll get a taste of pride that can only be fulfilled on stage. You’ll get addicted. You’ll realize the nothing in life matters but this moment. Right now. Never give up on your pursuit of that moment. This is the Life of a ReggaeMom.

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