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Work smarter, not harder. Life’s too short NOT to try to save time. It seems like everyday is moving faster than the last, and as a Mom, there will NEVER be enough time to get everything done. Plan B? Hack it! Save time, money, and sanity with these easy-to-live-by duh-moment type life-savers.

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Welcome to Life of a ReggaeMom.com. 

I’m Fa’a, keyboardist & vocalist in the band Cultural Nation, started by me and my better half, John. We are also the lucky (and, uh, stressed) parents of 3 beautiful babies, all under the age of 5. Between late night gigs, working my day job, parenting, and trying to keep a clean home, things get hectic. I know I’m not alone. This is a collection of funny, real, and common thoughts I have about being a ReggaeMama. Subscribe to get my latest blogs sent straight to your inbox.

The Joys of 2018

Nowadays, you can find anything you need at the sound of your voice. Remember when libraries were a thing? Life should be easier already. However, with the advancement of technology also came the social world we live in, which has easily stolen our time back. Clever & resilient as we are, though, we have now found ways to “Hack Life”. Stolen time stolen back. On the days I don’t use a hack, I feel like I wasted time doing things the regular way. Check out these hacks and see if they’ll help your life get easier too. Got a hack that you swear by? Submit it below and I’ll post & share it with our ReggaeMamas. 



How do YOU Hack It?

Leave your name and email below along with your favorite ways to save time, money, or anything else. This is a safe space. No Judgment, no criticism, just LOVE <3

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