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I’m Fa’a, keyboardist & vocalist in the band Cultural Nation, started by me and my better half, John. We are also the lucky (and, uh, stressed) parents of 3 beautiful babies, all under the age of 5. Between late night gigs, working my day job, parenting, and trying to keep a clean home, things get hectic. I know I’m not alone. This is a collection of funny, real, and common thoughts I have about being a ReggaeMama. Subscribe to get my latest blogs sent straight to your inbox.

You've probably been there..

It’s the 30th time you’ve asked them to pick that, RIGHT BY THEIR HAND, up. Or you’re running late, but they’ve decided they aren’t participating in life today.

Parenting is everything but easy. We live in a generation that is changing by the social media minute, and it seems no matter what nowadays, you’re still doing something wrong. Between organic, vaccinations, & the ban of physical discipline, this chapter in life is practically made to drive you insane. And either we can break down and let it kill us slowly from the inside out – OR we can laugh at this stressful period while we still have it. One day, this’ll be the Good Ol’ Days. Here’s a random collection of funny thoughts and moments a parent might have. Like, Share, & Subscribe. It’s about to get real.

The world would not go round without MOTHERS.

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