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Relive Reggae’s Finest Moments 

Bob Marley

The Father of Reggae as we know it. Bob created Reggae by blending sounds of ska & rock steady, slowing them down and creating the infamous sound & rhythm we know of him.

Burning Spear

Another father of reggae, Burning Spear approached Bob Marley in St. Ann’s, Jamaica one day and told him of his desire to do music. Bob sent him to Studio One. 25 albums later he is a legend and speaker of truth. His music resonates all over the world.

Beres & More

Beres Hammond, Dennis Brown, Jimmy Cliff, Peter Tosh, The Wailers, Lee Scratch Perry, Desmond Dekker, all helped form the genre we love today, and paved the way for our reggae artists to come. We celebrate their contribution to the music world, that spoke for the people in injustice, poverty, and corruption, and uplifted us with empowerment, love, and positive vibrations. To Reggae!

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