Slam Poetry – To Mothers Everywhere

To Mothers Everywhere

I’m also a poet
You don’t know it yet,
But I’m about to blow your mind
With a splash of eloquence
See this page, this blog
Is intended to defend
Mothers everywhere, in all walks
Because our job never ends
We gotta acknowledge our end.
Reconsider our importance.
So I’ll give you more than enough reasons
To take pride in your relevance
See, you’re a diamond, and nothing less
For you were blessed with the stress of
Raising children in a world
That’s lacking in finesse
God chose you for this test
Because He knew you would impress
Only the best values upon the generations
Coming next. It’s inevitable.
Our children will grow, leave home
And join the world as an average Joe
And as eye witnesses, we can only hope
We influence their paths to a positive road
But you never know, if you raise them so,
Maybe they’ll change the world and be inspirational
So lead by example,
Make them invincible
By showing them what it is to live
Courageously bold.
Nobody truly knows,
what the future holds,
So we as women must be strong
and unbreakable
It’s takeable, your world is only what you make it so
Make something that makes you irreplaceable
Something original, because yes, it’s obtainable.
Individually, you know you’re unexplainable,
You have something to teach someone, from your age alone.
So don’t give up no matter who tries to break your soul
Believe in yourself, learn, and constantly grow,
until your haters are asking “hey you hiring yo”
Because in the end, it’s what you accomplish or don’t
That determines what your great, great grandchildren will know.
So if you ever start to lose faith, or wonder why you, lord
Come back and check my blog, I can tell you some mo….
I’m a slam poet with a passion for writing. Find a couple of my poems and other art forms here.